7 reasons to visit Ghana

Of course we are over the moon with Ghana. If there would be only one country we were allowed to visit, it would be Ghana. Why? We will give you 7 reasons.

  1. The official language is English. And since you are visiting our website, we think you understand English. It is super easy in Ghana to communicate with others. Even there are nine official local languages and many dialects, almost everyone (especially in the south) speaks English. Of course it is always nice to learn some basics Twi (the most spoken local language), but at least you can ask the directions very easily.
  2. The journey from Amsterdam is only 6,5 hours straight. So if you are in Europe, Ghana is kind of around the corner. A lot of airports have directs flights to Accra and airplanes depart often. If you don’t like to fly for hours, but you do like to visit an African country: Ghana it is.
  3. Ghana’s food is delicious. The Ghanaian cuisine is not very various, but the dishes are so good. You need a strong stomach for the spices, and especially the not so common dishes (fufu and banku for example) are heavy but make sure you make some friends so they invite you and cook for you. Nothing can beat a home made Ghanaian jollof!
  4. Talking about making friends. Making friends in Ghana is so easy. People are super welcoming and friendly. Ghanaians are very curious about who you are and what you do, and also would love to invite you to their house or even church. Always¬† say ‘yes’, you never know where you will end up. Adventures are waiting.
  5. Once you understand the public transportation system travelling (to tourist sides) is easy. At first you might think there is no system at all, but you will find out that there is and how it works. Just make sure you know where to go and which transport to use. And if you are lost: just ask for directions to anyone on the streets. Everyone would love to help you out.
  6. Parties in Ghana are the best parties. Yes, in Ghana they know how to party. It doesn’t matter where. In a club, church, on the streets, at a wedding or even a funeral: you will dance like you have never danced before.
  7. Nature is super diverse. It doesn’t really matter if you like beaches, hiking in mountains or going on a safarie. Ghana has it all. In the south you will find a long coast line (including former slave forts you can pay a visit), in the east the mountains and in the north savannah. Ghana has it all.

So why are you still at home? Go to Ghana! If you need any help or inspiration, you know where we are.