Breakfast in Accra

You don’t have to skip the most important meal of the day. Accra has many good places to start with, and we selected our five best places for you.

Breakfast to Breakfast

This spot recently opened, and is located in one of the side streets of Oxford Street. The breakfast options are endless. Pancakes, eggs, oats, waffles, toast. You name it, they have it. You should also know that this place is open 24/7 (you probably get the name now), which means after breakfast there are a lot of other dishes to explore.

Staff is friendly, background music is interesting now and then and the place is nice decorated. Yes, we think you should try this out.


Close to Ako Adjei Park in Osu you will find a big with building. It’s called Kukun. A place for remote working, having a nice drink, hosting your event or… having breakfast. On the menu you will find dishes as fruit salad, granola with greekyoghurt and toppings, avocado on toast and pancakes. Choose a table inside (with a/c) or outside (feels like you are not in Ghana’s biggest city at all) and enjoy your breakfast!

Theia Coffee House

Also recently opened, close to the airport, we can recommend Theia Coffee House. When we say some pictures of this café we immediatelly took a car to see the place ourselves. And we were not dissapointed at all. Beside it is a super photogenic place, we also enjoyed our juice and lemonade and especially the brownies.

Cafe Kwae

This café is located close to the airport as well (so you could visit this one and end at Theia for the brownies). It’s is the perfect place to first have your breakfast, and then start working on your laptop. The atmosphere is open, trendy and friendly. On the menu you will find several sandwiches and wraps, as well as yoghurt and porridge.

Vida e Caffe

You probably have seen the red signs all over the city. Vida e has more branches in Accra, and opened her first doors in Cape Town, South Africa. Enjoy the free wifi while you are working from your laptop or meeting up with friends. Or have breakfast. The options are endless, including coffee, (ice) tea and juices. Don’t forget to try the donuts. Also good to know, sustainability is important for Vide a. For example you will get compostable paper straws and you can bring your own reusable cup. Go check your nearest branch and enjoy your meal!

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