Content creator

Do you have a travel business, fashion label, NGO or other organisation in Ghana and are you looking for new content? You can hire us as your content creators.

For who?

Everyone with a business or project in Ghana, but runned from a foreign country. For example a tourism company or a bracelet business. We understand you can’t be in Ghana all the time, and your business might be not able to hire photographer to your team. Don’t worry, our team in Ghana is ready to do the work for you.

Also for travel blogs we can create content about Ghana (and neighbor countries).

What can we do?

We can make (visual, written and auditory) content for you about Ghana’s sightseeing, the people you work with or your project. Our team will travel to the location and work with your people there to make the best videos and pictures. We are also able to work in Ghana’s neighbor countries.

How does it work?

You can register your assignment through the this link. When we received your request we will send you a quotation, if you agree on that we start the collaboration. We will connect you to one of our content creators, and you will make an appointment to discuss the further details about the content and the trip.

If you want to have new content but not sure what exactly, kindly contact us so we can share some ideas.

What does it cost?

After receiving your email we will send you a quotation. The total amount is depending on the type of content, lenght of content, location, days of creating the content and areas. The amount will be including transportation, accommodation and Dutch tax. We charge +30% for last minute (less than a week) orders.