Uncommon places to stay in Ghana

We guess you like travelling as much as we do, but hopping from room to room can be boring sometimes. That’s why we are now telling you the most uncommon places to stay in Ghana.

Yurt: Meet Me There African Home Lodge

Meet Me There is one of our favourite lodges for a long time. Beside amazing lodging places and their delicious food you also support the local community by staying here. Win-win! The rooms are so nice decorated. We recently stayed in the honeymoon suite (you can hear the sea waves while you are on the bed), and we loved the outside shower. MMT is also very sustainable. You have to use a compost toilet, the food is always fresh and they hope to be full on solar electricity in the future.

Their latest room is simple, but brilliant. A yurt. While writing this we are not sure it is operating, so check the website before you drive yourself to Dzita (Volta Region). Or well, you can choose one of the others beautiful rooms of course.

Camping at Wli Waterfalls

The Wli Waterfalls (Volta Region) are the highest waterfalls in West Africa. The falls are separated in two parts, the upper and the lower falls. Amazing to visit this place, it’s is so quiet here. Did you know you can also camp at the falls? In rain season only at the lower falls, but in dry season also at the upper falls.

The camping package is included tent and matrass, dinner and breakfast, bonfire and a welcome drink. Brilliant!

Sand floor rooms: A&Y Beach Camp

It feels like all great places are in the Volta Region… In Keta you will find a small lodge on the beach. The special thing: there is no hard floor. The place is all covered by sand. At that is less dirty than you might think. It is actually amazing.

At Wild Camp Ghana you can get a limited amount of dishes (always delicious), you are literally on the beach and the owners are super friendly. What do you want again?  

Mole Motel and Zaina Lodge: elephants

The biggest wild life animal you can find in Ghana is the elephant. All up in the north you find Mole National Park. In the park you can lodge in Mole Motel (budget) or Zaina Lodge (luxurious). Both places have a swimming pool, viewing point to a elephant pool and they offer safaris.

Mole Motel is as said budget. The rooms are simple, and there is a even a dorm room. The food is local and tasty. Zaina is more for the luxurious travellers. The rooms are quite expensive, but clean and beautiful. There is a huge restaurant with a view on (hopefully) elephants, and there is a small shop to get your souvenirs.

Treehouse: Escape3Points

Cape3Points in Western region is ‘off the beaten track’. Especially with public transport it can be a challenge to get there, but hey we are travellers. Once you reached there you will find yourself in a quiet and peaceful place. The perfect place for yoga, reading a book and thinking about life.

At this place you can book chalets, tree houses or a dorm bed. Don’t worry about food. You can have some Ghanaian dishes with a French touch.

Another uncommon place to stay is on it’s way. The Ghana Traveller’s Jennifer is about to start building Ghana’s first tinyhouse. Of course once it is done we will let you know. Best thing: you can even rent it for some nights! For now you can support the dream financially or share this dream to everyone you know.

If you need more lodges in Ghana: get your copy of our ebook now!