Customised tours

Have you seen our packages and you want to change a few things (amount of days, starting day, combination of packages etc) or you want something completely else? Book our customised tour!

Yes I want to tour with you!

What will you get?

When you tours with us we will organise everything in Ghana for you. You are responsible for flights, visa, insurance, medication (malaria profylaxe), vaccins (yellow fever) etc. We make a travel itinerary (and don’t finish until it is perfect for you), book all hotels/cars/other and make sure you will have to the time of your life.

Our customised tours are including a tour guide and our touring with The Ghana Traveller starters package (paying seperately). When you arrive in Ghana we will pick you from the airport, and also drop you off at the end. If you like to be picked or dropped off somewhere else, we will also do that.

Our main goal is to give you the time of your life. We will try our very best to meet your preferences and experiences.

How much will it costs?

Because our tours are customised we can’t say this point how much it will cost. You can check out our package for a guideline. Your tour will probably be a combination of packages, and some extra activities and accommodations. In our booking form (see below) you have to let us know what kind of accommodation you would like.

If you have something specific you can always ask us for an indication of the total fare.

Why with us?

We have six years of travelling to Ghana as a foreigner. We know how you feel right now, and we also know how to take away those uncertainties. We can help you with culture differences, language boundaries and other issues. During a trip you can always hesitate to your tour guide, as well as our offices in Accra and The Netherlands.

All our tour guides are Ghanaian and speak beside English at least one other language. They have a lot of experience with tourists, as well as the tourists sides in Ghana. Because we strictly work with Ghanaians we are always up to date in the tourism field.

Read more on our ‘why us’ page.

How does it work?

1 = Fill in the booking form (e.g. travel period, number of people, budget, expectations etc) and send it to us
2 = We will get back to you to go through all the questions (mail or (video)call), this is when we will discuss your expecations. If we already know we can’t meet them (e.g. you want to visit an orphanage, which we strictly don’t do) we will let you know and cancel your booking. When we know we can make an amazing trip for you, we will send you a quotation (the real quotation can difference a bit)
3 = If your expectations and preferences are clear and we can make it happen you have to order “touring with The Ghana Traveller starters package” (when you accept our travel itinerary the total fare will ber reduced with 150€)
4 = We will create the perfect trip for you, with activities you like and accommodations where you will feel comfortable
5 = You will receive the trip itinerary. Not satisfied? We will rewrite it until you are
6 = When you received the final itinerary your payment has to be done (minus 150€ from the starters package see step 3)
7 = We are going to prepare everything for your arrival in Ghana. Just relax!
8 = You have to prepare the things which are not included the trip (flight, vaccins, malaria profylaxe etc)
9 = Let’s start!
10 = Our tour manager will pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel
11 = The next morning he will come to introduce you to your tour guide
12 = And now we can really start!

If you have any questions reach out to us.