What to do in Ghana [English ebook]


In my English travel guide ebook about traveling to Ghana I am sharing my recommendations, travel advice and three travel itineraries. This is the guide book everyone needs when traveling to Ghana!


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After reading this ebook you:

  • know all the spots you MUST visit in Ghana
  • can start preparing for your trip in the best way possible
  • have three travel itineraries you can use to start planning your trip
  • have a list of things you have to pack
  • are inspired by my personal stories


can start your trip to Ghana!


In this ebook do I, Jennifer, share my recommendations and experiences of traveling to Ghana since 2013. I came as a volunteer, but totally changed my mind set about voluntourism. Now, I live in Ghana, I organize tours and share my recommendations so you come to Ghana and spend your money locally. Don’t forget to pass by Language Café Accra to exchange language and culture to complete your stay.

If you’re (planning to) traveling to Ghana, this is the ebook you need.


Op zoek naar de Nederlandse versie?

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