Breakfast in Accra

You don’t have to skip the most important meal of the day. Accra has many good places to start with, and we selected our five best places for you. Breakfast to Breakfast This spot recently opened, and is located in one of the side streets of Oxford Street. The breakfast options are endless. Pancakes, eggs, […]

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3 times: TedxTalks about voluntourism

You might have heard about voluntourism before. It is quit popular under Western people to go to ‘development countries’ (there is a reasons why we use quotation marks) and help the people living there and travelling around at the same time. We already wrote about why travelling is the new volunteering. In case you are still questioning if […]

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Travel guides about Ghana

One of our favourite things about travelling to Ghana is the preparation time. The time you have to apply for a visa (not our hobby), check your vaccinations and order other medicine (also not cool) and think about what you are going to do (yes we love that!). We usually search online for the best […]

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