Why tour with us

Hopefully our blogs and Instagram/Facebook pages made you enthusiastic to travel to Ghana. We love that! And we can only agree, you have to come to Ghana. You find our reasons why here.

But then, how are you going to organise all this? Especially if this will be your first time in Africa, it can be hard. We know that, because in 2013 we decided to go to Ghana (our first African country) and we didn’t really know what we are doing. Now we have 6 years of experience, which is amazing for you since we will help you out.

So we have six year experience of travelling through Ghana as a foreigner. We know you are worrying about safety, health and hygiene. And we will take those worries away. In our advice calls you can ask everything you want to know, or check out our blogs for general information.

We can arrange everything you want. Private tours with guides using the public transportation or rent a car, travel itineraries with or without let us book your hotels/cars/etc, budget or luxurious accommodation and even group tours. Just let us know what you like, or check out our packages, and we will do everything to make you feel at home in Ghana.

We are here for everyone. Families, couples, solo travellers. Ghana is the ultimate destination for everyone. We are sure everyone will like at least one thing in Ghana because it is such a diverse country. You can surf and swim on the coast, hike a mountain, learn about history and Ghanaian culture or go on safari. There will always be something you like.

Our tour guides are all experienced with tourists and speak English and at least one other language. The guides come from different places in Ghana, so we have some very specialised guides (for example for our northern package). It is very important to work with Ghanaians for us, because they know their country best. Also because of working with Ghanaians we are always up to date about the latest news in the country. We try to avoid surprises such as closed landmarks, broken roads and shut restaurants. But when we have to face a problem, we also know how to solve it.

You will be picked up from the airport by our tour manager. There is always a contact person in the country, so when there is something wrong we can immediately fix it. Also because of our manager we have a fast communication towards you.

When touring with us you (in)directly support Ghana’s society. We believe in supporting a country while creating equal relationships. That is why we will bring you to the best local restaurants, are all our accommodations locally owned and/or supporting the community and we will introduce you to the best local products. Every person touring with us gets some locally made products (size and amount depends on how long you tour) with some products you can really use during the tour. We hope you will like the products as much as we do, and even buy some more to use at home too.

And beside all this touring with us is fun! We will introduce you to local food, teach you some dance moves and make some good jokes. Our main goal is to give you the time of your life, so we will do everything to make that work. In The Netherlands our office will work hard to get you prepared, in Accra our manager will introduce you to your guide and when the tour starts the guide will make you feel so comfortable you don’t want to leave.

Ghana is a really beautiful country and we feel honoured to get the chance to introduce all this to you. We can’t wait to meet you. See you in Ghana!