Are you a Dutch (online) entrepeneur looking for a new boost in your business? Do you:

  • not know what your next steps are
  • need inspiration to continue your business
  • wants others to take a look at your ideas
  • want to learn from other entrepeneurs
  • look for connection with other entrepeneurs
  • want to combine this with discovering the beauty of Ghana?

Then our workation is something for you! During the workation you will have several masterminds with other entrepeneurs (Ghanaian and Dutch), follow workshops from Ghanaian entrepeneurs and learn from each others (business) cultures. Beside business talks we will also visit some landmarks and have relaxing moments.

After this trip you are inspirated and motivated to return back to your business at home. You have learned about different styles of running your business, other entrepeneurs gave you new ideas and you might even found a collaboration partner.

Are you a Dutch (online) entrepeneur with at least 2+ years experience in running your business, and do you speak English? And are you ready to meet entrepeneurs from a different culture to boost your business? Leave your contact so we will let you know when we are ready too.