Are you looking for a relaxing but sportive trip? Do you want to be surrounded by like minded people? Join our yoga trip in Ghana!

You wake up before the alarm clock rings, and without a doubt you leave your (comfortable!) bed. Today is going to be a good day again, and you don’t want to miss any moment of it.

Before breakfast you will join the group meditation. The teacher is guiding you and after the meditation you feel light and totally ready to start the day. This morning breakfast is pancakes and fresh orange juice. There is also some avocado and egg salad for who likes it. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you get enough.

After breakfast you and the others leave the hotel to go to our first “secret” yoga spot. After a good class, you decide to take a dip in the sea before you have to head back to the hotel. Back at the place you join the theoretical yoga class to learn more about the poses you will practice in the afternoon.

Lunch today is a vegetable salad, freshly made bread with healthy toppings. Every day you are suprised about the tastes of the food in Ghana. It’s amazing! After lunch the next yoga class is starting. Don’t forget to drink a lot, it is pretty hot in Ghana.

After the class there is some relax time. You decide to read a book in the hammock, while others go for a swim or plays board games together. It is so nice how comfortable you feel to do what you want. Joining the group in relaxing time is nice, but also taking your me time is important.

Then dinner is finished. Today’s meal is Ghana jollof, one of your favourite local dishes so far. It comes with a fresh salad again, and you are clearly enjoying. After dinner there is some time to reflect on today with the group, as well as alone. Everyday you write the lessons you learned and the memories you made in your diary.

In the evenings you can decide for yourself what you want to do. You see there is a bonfire close to the house and you are going to join the singing and dancing people. After two hours you think it is enough. Satisfied and happy about today you return back to your room, and soon you will fall asleep. Tomorrow is another day. You can’t wait.

Do you want to experience this too? And are you a yoga beginner (and able to speak and understand, as well as read and write a bit, English) looking for more practising and learning about yoga? Leave your contact and we will let you know when we are ready too.