Private tours

We want you to enjoy to the fullest in Ghana so we help you with any kind of tours. Do you already know why you should travel to Ghana?

All our tour guides are Ghanaian locals and speak beside English at least one other language. Beside that they are all experienced in touring around with tourists. We also have 6 years experience as travelling in Ghana as a foreigner ourselves. We know the feeling of going to a new country, probably even a country that is not comparable to your home country. That’s why before touring with us you will get a “guidance” to help you managing your expectations as well as letting you know what you can’t and can do during your trip.

Our relationship with Ghanaians is super important for us. We really love bringing more people to Ghana to increase tourism in the country, but we are also aware tourism comes with negative side effects. We want to reduce those side effects as much as possible.

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Our services:

Customised private tours with tour guide

Package private tours with tour guide

Travel itineries

Travel itineries including our help for hotel bookings, car rental etc.

For the real adventurers: our favourite places in Ghana you can discover on your own

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