Month: October 2019

5 times: Festivals in Ghana

When in Ghana you can attend a lot of traditional festivals. Celebrating ancestors, chiefs and kings is a really important part of Ghanaian culture. And we are lucky enough to be welcome at those festivals. We share five big festivals today. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Accra [Dot] Alt Radio (@accradotaltradio) […]

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National Parks in Ghana

Ghana has a lot of national parks, perfect for silence and relaxing as well of a bit of exercising. If you like nature and getting out of the crowdy city, a national park is your place to be. Mole National Park We wrote about the elephants in Mole National Park earlier, but did you know […]

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Money in Ghana

In Ghana they use the currency called “cedi”. Using another currency than your own can be confusing, so in this article we are going to talk about where to get this “cedi”, the payment options in Ghana and everything else you need to know about money in Ghana. Cedis and pesewas The currency in Ghana […]

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