11 days in Ghana – travel itinerary

What can you see in Ghana in eleven days? By the end of July and the beginning of August I traveled this tour myself, and I am happy to share it with you. The coast, history, mountains, water and at the end some relaxation. It’s all in there, let’s go!

Which day is your trip starting?

If you arrive just before the weekend or on Saturday, I would stay in Accra to do the bike tour on Sunday. I wrote about it before (same owner, different name), and I keep recommending it. Nowadays the tour starts from Osu Castle, and includes a visit to one of the newly opened museums in Accra.

Now on to your eleven days in Ghana (outside of Accra!).

This is exactly the tour I recently did myself. You can of course adjust it, and I’m happy to help you with that. Buy my e-book for more inspiration or send me an email for specific wishes.

For this trip you need a car with driver, I can help you with that. If you prefer to take the public transport it will take longer.

Day 1: Off to the coast

Get out of the city as soon as you can and explore the west coast of Ghana. Start in Kokrobite (maximum an hour drive from Accra) to acclimatize. You can sleep at Big Milly’s Backyard or Kokrobite Gardens.

On weekends there are live music performances and DJs in bars and restaurants in the evenings. Both hotels have a swimming pool, and you can also swim in the sea.

Day 2: History class

Time to drive to Cape Coast. You will stay one night at Oasis Beach Resort. Most people come to this city to visit the Castle, and if you ask me you should not miss this when you come to Ghana.

If you leave Kokrobite early, you can also visit Kakum National Park on this day.

Day 3: Walking tour in Cape Coast

After breakfast, you will meet a local guide to explore the city on foot. He can tell you all about the buildings, who has lived where and knows where to find the best places to have a drink. The walking tour ends after about two hours with a beautiful view of Cape Coast.

Then it is already time to leave for the next destination: Busua in the Western Region. The paradise for surfers and beach lovers. You will find plenty of hotels here (see my e-book).

Day 4: What are you doing in Busua? Surfing of course!

Beginners and advanced surfers can indulge themselves in Busua. The best waves for surfing can be found in this small village.

In addition, you can also visit the adjacent Dixcove, or walk to Butre in an hour (note: bring a guide!) to admire that beach too.

Day 5: A day in the car

Today it’s all about one thing: driving. Depart Busua after breakfast to arrive in Banko, Ashanti Region before the sun goes down. At Moon and Star Guesthouse, dinner is already waiting for you.

Day 6: Explore Ashanti Region

When I did this tour myself, I was in the pool on this day, but if this is your first time in Ashanti Region, you better explore the area. For example, climb the Prayer Mountain, drive to the Kente Weaving Center or the Adinkra Village, or go hiking in Bomfobiri. There is a lot to do!

Day 7: Off to more mountains

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a look at the shop in the hall. The proceeds from your purchase will be used to train the women in the Banko Women Center. If you want another nice souvenir of your trip, now is the time!

After a short journey through the mountains you arrive in Kwahu where you stay in a home-stay. For example, the same day you can visit a historical park, see how the traditional asanka is made or challenge yourself and walk a bit through a cave.

Day 8: On the road again

There is much more to see and experience in Kwahu, but on this journey we must now continue. With a lunch stop in Akosombo you arrive in Kpando in the evening. A city centrally located in Volta Region, and the ideal base to discover this region.

Day 9: Visiting monkeys and waterfalls

After breakfast you get back in the car and first stop at the monkey village where the monkeys are already hungry waiting for you. Buy some bananas and the guide will teach you how to give them to the monkey.

After this, you will go to the highest waterfall in the country. If you have time to stay another night, you can do the long hike otherwise you will only visit the Lower Falls. For lunch you can go to one of the restaurants in the village.

Then it’s time to leave and travel back south. This is the most beautiful route of the entire tour! Drive carefully and enjoy the view. And stop at Mountain Paradise for a drink along the way.

In the evening you arrive at the last destination: Meet Me There African Home Lodge. You couldn’t have a better ending of your trip through Ghana.

Day 10: Relax and enjoy

You can visit the village, if it is Wednesday the market is on or a short drive to other places of interest or you can stay at the lodge. Swim in the lagoon, read a book, visit the shop, have a cocktail.

And don’t forget to eat! The food here is fantastic (order on time though).

Day 11: Back to Accra

And then the last day has arrived. Enjoy the lodge and breakfast for a while. Then you drive back to Accra in about 3.5 hours.

Do you like this 11 day tour in Ghana?

I would say book that ticket and then I might see you in Ghana. I really loved doing this round trip.

Do you want to know all the exact destinations or do you want to adjust this trip a bit? I would like to help you! Send me an e-mail with your wishes.