5 times unexpected things to do in Ghana

You probably have heard about a jeepsafari to watch elephants, hiking the biggest mountain in Ghana and crossing bridges in the rainforst, but today we want to introduce five activities you might didn’t hear about.

Accra Cycle Share

One of our favourite activities in Accra, it isn’t a secret. Every Sunday the cycle tour starts in Osu and brings you to places like Osu Castle, Independence Square, Arts Centre and Jamestown Lighthouse. This is a perfect way to be sportive as well as learn something about history.

Before starting the tour you get a safety vest and helmet (borrowed), and a snack and bottle of water for during the trip. In between there are several breaks, and one is a refreshing coconut break.

Don’t plan any activities for after the tour, it is quite exhausting but totally worth it. Most of our packages and the group tour are including this cycle tour.


Only real adventure seekers (we!) will enjoy this. Hopefully you are not afraid of heights, but this is one of the most amazing things we ever did in Ghana. Unfortunately you have to be lucky to come in the right period (Easter and September), but maybe you would like to plan your trip around this event.

The location of the paragliding is in the Kwahu Mountains, in Eastern Region. And during Easter there is not only the paragliding but there are also lots of parties in the towns.

Finding a place to stay during Eastern isn’t so easy, but send us an e-mail so we can help you out.


Ghana is a perfect surf location. We have to say not everywhere the sea is good enough. We don’t even recommend to swim in the Volta region’s sea, and there are more places in the west direction as well where we just shouldn’t swim. But there are good places as well. Ghana is especially a good place for beginners.

Close to Accra you will find the village Kokrobite, where you will find a surfschool where you can take class. We like drive more west for our classes. Our favourite surf beach is Busua, Western Region.

The waves are perfect for beginners (but advanced too!), and in and around Busua there are lots of activities you can do. Check our e-book for our hotel recommendations.

Horse riding

Please don’t do the horse riding at the beaches. The horses don’t look like healthy, as well that they are in the full sun everyday. You rather take a drive to the lake close to Kumasi: Lake Bosumtwi.

There is a French lady running a lodge together with her Ghanaian husband, and they have lots of horses (and a donkey). They take good care of them, they are often in the shadow and they are not walking around all the time. They are also well trained and know some commands, it is really easy to ride them.

In about an hour you will ride around the lake (beautiful view!) and the village. This is an unique experience. After the ride you can have fresh juices and vegetarion food.

The horse riding is definitely part of our group tour, some of the packages and on request for customised tours. Send us an email for more info.

Quad riding

We haven’t done this ourselves yet, but we recently found out there is quad riding in Ghana. And we are hooked! We can’t wait to try this (with you). Hopefully the driving isn’t that difficult, but what an adventure will this be.

Of course we will write about it once we have done it. And if we love it, it will be part of our tours too.

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