Arriving at Kotoka International Airport (Accra)

When you travel to Ghana to probably arrive at the airport (or you are coming overland). In 2018 Kotoka International Airport has opened a new terminal. This means your arrival and departure from international flights will be at terminal 3. Terminal 2 (the old international flights terminals) is now for domestic flights.

There are a few things you have to know, or at least it is useful to know so you won’t stress out. We mean… you are going on a holiday, there is no time for stress.

After landing (please don’t be someone who opens the belt and takes their luggage before the crew allows you to) and leaving the aircraft you have to take a shuttle bus to the terminal. It is a short ride.

Immigration service card

Hopefully in the airplane you got an immigration service card. If you didn’t get it, they will be available at the airport. We recommend you to print our copy of the card, fill it and bring it with you on your trip. When you have the official form you just have to copy the printed version. This will save you time (and stress) looking for your passport, flight ticket and other information again.

Blue form

Sometimes you also get a blue form you have to fill in. This form is about what you bring to the country, for example if you bring weapons or drugs. Fill it too, and you will have to give it to an officer just before you leave the terminal to go outside.

Yellow fever

When flying to Ghana it is extremely important to bring your yellow fever document. The first thing you will have to do (after filling the immigration card if you didn’t do that in the plane) when entering the terminal is showing this document. If you don’t have it, there is an option to get the shot at the terminal or you are not allowed to enter the country.

Immigration service

After the yellow fever document check you have to join the queue for the immigration service. This is where an officer will check your passport, visa, fingerprints and eye scan as well as your immigration card. It could be they also ask you some questions about the purpose of your stay. Just be honest, and everything will be fine.

Then you have to show you passport to the last officer, and you are ready to pick up your luggage (if you have some). In the right corner you will find the toilets.

Airport pick up

When you have your luggage you can go outside. Prepare for some hotness there. Also probably some taxi drivers will come to you and ask you where you will go. Just tell them you will be picked up so you don’t need a taxi. Our tour manager will be waiting for you at this point. When he found you (or you him since he will be holding a paper with your name), you can change money or use the ATM if you like. After that you and the tour manager will take a taxi to the hotel for tonight.

Welcome to Ghana!

If you have any questions about the process kindly let us know. In need for some inspiration? We wrote an ebook with 40+ of our favourite spots and dicsount codes. Ready to travel to Ghana? Check out our tours for the ultimate experience.