3 vegetarian restaurants in Accra

It may sound difficult to eat vegetarian food in Ghana, but actually it is quite easy. There are some things you have to know about, and we will talk about that in another post. Today we want to share three restaurants in Accra where you don’t have to worry about chicken or fish in your meals.


You will find this restaurant in A&C shopping centre in East Legon. There are plenty of restaurants at his place, but this is by far our favourite. They don’t just serve simple food. They really come up with creative dishes, and also juices. The sandwiches, salads and burgers are to die for. Mahorgany also sells yoghurt and even products like vegan deodorant. Amazing!

Assase Pa restaurant

Are you tired after some hours shopping in Accra Arts Centre? You can have lunch or dinner at Assase Pa Restaurant, very close to the centre. They serve local dishes, only then all vegetarian. It seems like they don’t have a menu, so just come by and ask what they have to offer today. You won’t regret having lunch here.

Sunshine Salad Bar

This restaurant isn’t 100% vegetarian, but they have plenty of vegetarian options. They serve salads, wraps, roti, sandwiches, burgers and even pizzas. The restaurant is located in Osu, close to Firefly Club and Vienna Lounge. As well as Pinocchio, where you can get very nice ice cream.