Ebook – travel guide

Our first visit to Ghana was in 2013. In those years we have seen most of the known landmarks in Ghana, as well as a lot of “hidden gems”. We also concluded there isn’t enough information about hotels and restaurants in Ghana, so we decided to write something ourselves.

And here it is! Our ebook with 40+ of our favourite spots in Ghana and discount codes. All the places in this book are Ghanaian owned and/or supporting the local community. We think this is the most effective and equal way to support Ghanaians. Just spend your money locally and enjoy the country.

You can order the ebook below, and after payment it will automatically appear in your mailbox.

This ebook:

  • includes 40+ spots in Ghana
  • gives you discount or a welcome gift to about 10 spots
  • shows only Ghanaian owned and/or local community supportive spots
  • contains only good, affordable and comfortable places and we have been to all of them ourselves
  • is the perfect guidance for your next trip to Ghana