Our favourite Ghanaian Instagrammers

It wouldn’t be a suprise that Instagram is our favourite social media platform. It is mostly visual, there is space for your thoughts in the captions and we love the interaction through stories. If you don’t follow us yet, do it now!

Instagram is also the best platform to discover new places in Ghana. We use the hashtags and location tags a lot to find our next destination. And we love to inspire other people to visit those place too. Of course we are not the only ones who do this. In this article we share our favourite Ghanaian Instagrammers (or at least a few, because there are many).

Akosua Shirley

This can’t be a suprise. Akosua Shirley is by far our favourite Instagrammer. Not even necessarily Ghanaian. Just favourite Instagrammer in the world. It is almost impossible that during your preparation you didn’t find her account, but just in case.

Her pictures are amazing. Her captions are informative. She is funny (we met her, so we know!). She is beautiful! Did you know she also makes Youtube videos?

Akosua solo travelled through Ghana, and she inspired many Ghanaians to travel as well. Soon she will start her solo journey through West Africa, and we can’t wait to follow it. She is really an inspiration.

Ohh Yes Africa

Esi is the girl behind Ohh Yes Africa. Her pictures are always on fleek. So colourful. Her captions and stories are also informative, and inspirational. We love to see how the past months her followers amount increased.

Also follow her blog. Just follow everything she does. We need more girls like her!

April Nego

Another inspirational woman! Do you see what Ghanaian women have to offer. Lovely!

Also April’s pictures are lovely. Really, how do you do all this! If you see her pictures and don’t feel to book your flight, what is wrong with you?

Also her blog is full of information about Ghana. Because no one is ever done talking about Ghana. There is always something new. And check her videos too.

This Trotro Life

Something totally different, but still about Ghana. This account is mainly about one of our favourite transport in Ghana: the trotro. This mini-bus can bring you almost everywhere, and you will always end up with a good story.

This Trotro Life shares stories about trotros. They share about the trotro lifestyle, people who run trotros, people who use trotros. It is amazing and a must follow.

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ALL WEATHER Akpeteshie – oo Lawyer – oo Yaa Asantewaa – oo Okukuseku – oo I take them neat. The go down smooth. I sabe am all. I am )nomfo clean. I am me, all weather. In this driving work I do, Whether rain comes Kumasi style or Accra style or Tamale, I can go to work anytime, Night or day, Good visibility or Bad visibility, Bisibasaa or basabisii. I am me, all weather. . . . Ref: Gyinaye, k., K., & Schreckenbach, H. (1975). No Time To Die: A Book Of Poems. . . #accra #ghana #africa #trotro #thistrotrolife #transportation #literature #poems #bookofpoems #notimetodie #moa #streetphotography #streetstyle #jenniferhart #ashantiimmigrant #everydayafrica #dynamicafrica #accrawedey #visiterlafrique #book #poetry #allweather

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Accra Cycle Share & Tours

If you are interested in the important landmarks in Accra (and cycling!) you should follow Accra Cycle Share & Tours. Every Sunday there is a tour starting in Osu, leading to all the landmarks (including a coconut break). Part of the tour is the jumping picture before the Black Star Gate.

If the pictures don’t make you excited to do the tour, we don’t know what will make you excited anymore. Also know the tour is only on Sundays because of safety reasons (less busy on the roads), so it is totally good to go.

We love the cycle tour so much we include it in most of our packages, as wel as the group tour.

Looking for more inspiration and discount codes? Check our e-book with 40+ of our favourites places and between the lines several landmarks.