How to plan your perfect trip to Ghana

Planning a trip to Ghana can be pretty intense. There is so much to do, you probably don’t even know where to start. Not even talking about the kind of accommodation you can choose from, as well as transportation. Don’t worry, we will help you out. Here are some of the things you have to think about.

With who are you coming to Ghana?

When you know this, you can already leave some things out. Not all accommodation is suitable for (small) children for example. Or if you travel in a group, you can’t just show up at a hotel and ask for availability. Also if you are traveling with older people, or people with disabilities you have to plan your trip better than when you are traveling on your own and don’t need assistance.

Write down all the things you really need during your stay (for example the kind of mattress, a fridge for medicine, always close by a hospital, accommodation on one floor), and use to select the hotels where you can stay. Tip: contact the accommodation before you book, because sometimes the information on the page is not up to date or incorrect.

Bus in Ghana
What kind of transportation do you want to use?

In Ghana you can use different types of transportation. Which one you want to use depends on a few factors: your budget, your time, how much luggage you have and how comfortable you want to be. The cheapest way to traveling around is using the public transportation. You can easily take a trotro (minibus) to travel from A to B. But have in mind it takes time to find out where from taking the trotro, and also a trotro leaves when all the seats are sold. If you are not lucky, it can take hours to depart. Not really what you want when you are on a tight schedule.

If you don’t have budget to rent a car (or minibus if you are with a group) but you want to be more comfortable, consider taking taxis for a longer distance or take a bus. With your own rented car, a taxi or the bus you have more space to bring luggage. But we highly recommend you to travel as light as possible, and bring a backpack instead of a suitcase.

Even a private car is more comfortable, we want to invite you to take a trotro at least one time. For us this is really part of the adventure, and a good way to learn more about the culture and use in a country.

Green House Kareminga
Where do you want to sleep?

Thinking about where to sleep in Ghana is very important. In the big cities and along the coast you will find luxurious hotels, mostly including a swimming pool. But also small hotels with less facilities are everywhere. It is best to check on other travelers what their experiences were in the hotel, or check the reviews online.

Don’t forget to ask about air-conditioning if you need some, not all accommodation have this. As well as a fridge or television (if you think you will be bored in the evening).

If you are more on a budget (or just want to interact with Ghanaians more), you can also stay at guesthouses and home-stays. Those are mostly basic, but very good. For people on a real budget, there is also Couchsurfing.

Did you know we wrote an e-book with 40+ of our favorite spots in Ghana (including discount codes)? The hotels in the book are budget friendly, safe and Ghanaian owned/supporting the community. By booking these hotels you are sure to have a good place to stay.

What do you want to do?

This is really important because Ghana is so various. There are lots of things to do, but of course you have to know where to go. If you like to do an elephant safari, the only place you can go to is Mole National Park. But if you like a nice beach, there are plenty of places to discover. Lovers of hiking will be happy in the Volta Region, while rich culture is found in the Ashanti Region.

Totally depending on your kind of activities, you have to plan your stay in Ghana.

Do you need more help planning your Ghana trip?

We hope we helped you a bit with asking you these questions, but if you need more help we are happy to assist you. Of course you can get our e-book, and find good accommodation in Ghana. If you need help with your travel itinerary, we would love to get in contact with you and hear what you want to do in Ghana. We can also help you with getting a Ghanaian tour guide, or help you to rent a car.

If you need something else, kindly let us know. We want to make your stay in Ghana as easy as possible, so you can enjoy every moment.