5 things you need to pack when traveling to Ghana

We already wrote about the things you don’t have to bring to Ghana. Today we will share some things that are not (easily) available.

Thins you have to bring to Ghana: sun protection, power bank, passport and yellow fever document, tour guide book, teeth paste, teeth brush, cash money, bank card

Fast drying towel

Especially when you travel around a lot, a fast drying towel is a must have. As you can understand, the towel dries fast so even if you stay somewhere for one day you don’t have to bring a wet (and eventually smelling) towel with you.

Also fast drying towels are super thin, so don’t take a lot of space in your bag. Double win!

Travel pillow

Useful in the airplane on your way to Accra, but also useful during your travels in Ghana. Buses for longer trips are mostly comfortable (air-conditioning, good chairs, lots of space) but an extra pillow is always welcome. Try to buy a pillow you can easily fold, so it doesn’t take too much space in your bag.

Waterproof travel documents holder

To keep your passport and other travel documents safe and dry, bring a travel documents holder. You might experience lots of rain during your travels, and it must be a good feeling to know at least your important documents are safe.


Having your menstruation during your travels is probably the last thing you want to happen. But if it has to happen, it will happen. If you are using tampons make sure you bring your own because there are not easy to find in Ghana.

You can find menstruation pads at many places now, but if you are in need you will for sure find them at the big supermarkets like Shop rite.

Power bank

It is possible to find those in Ghana, but you might want to bring your own. If you already know your travel itinerary, and know you will pass some places with no electricity (or lots of electricity cuts) consider bringing a solar power bank.

Is there something you might want to bring but you are not sure you have to? Contact us and we will help you out.