3 times: Beaches in Western Region

We can’t say it enough: we love beaches. Especially beaches in Ghana’s Western region. They are large, clean and the waves are good for surfing. Here are three of our favourites.

Busua beach

How can we not start with Busua. The beach is located between one hills, and that makes it the perfect place to make your most beautiful pictures. You will find a lot of restaurants and hotels in Busua, so you can make your trip as cheap or expensive as you want. We share our favourites spots in our ebook.

The number one thing you have to do is surfing. The waves are perfect for beginners, so don’t feel ashamed and catch that wave.

Butre beach

The neighbour village of Busua is Butre. You can enter the beach from a wooden bridge, only that is already worth it. The beach is less busy than Busua’s, but there are also less options for eating and lodging.

Princess Town

Or actually a hidden beach between Princess Town and Miemia. It is probably not easy to reach this beach by public transportation, but once you reached here you will forget the struggle. There is a large beach you have to cross (including a small lagoon, so prepare for a boat trip) before entering this paradise. Just keep on walking until you reach a small beach that is leading to a peninsula. That’s the place. The perfect place for a picknick (and please bring all your stuff, including trash, back home), a swim, looking for almonds on the island or even snorkelling.

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