3 times: hotels for digital nomads

Being a digital nomad is hot! It means you are doing remote (online) work, so you can do you work where ever you want. Maybe Ghana wasn’t on your list, but of course there are places where you can work from (and after that enjoy Ghana). Today we will share our top 3 hotels with free wifi, breakfast included and great (entrepeneur) environment.

Somewhere Nice

Our home in Accra. We mostly come here to relax and prepare a new trip (so don’t blame our unwelcoming faces, we still want to talk!), as well as update the website, upload a video or have a video call. It’s all possible because of the fast wi-fi at this hostel.

Beside fast wi-fi Somewhere nice has a great bar and swimming pool (only don’t expect the water cold, we are still in sunny Ghana). We really love the breakfast (pancakes, anyone?) and we don’t have to say our names during check ins. The staff already knows we are home!

TUMI Hostel

Close to the stadium and Kumasi City Mall you will find a cosy place called TUMI hostel. This hostel is part of the NGO TUMI Ghana. Every cedi you spend here goes to the staff and the NGO. This includes the beautiful clothes and accessories you can buy in the common hall.

There is free breakfast everyday (the bread is too die for), and you can sign up for the delicious vegetarian dinner. But even food is important, you want to know about the wi-fi. It’s perfect. You should definitely plan some days here, so you can update your online course, Instagram page or travel blog. There are several places where you can sit, inside and outside. And the dog and the cat will give you some company. We love it.

Ahanta Waves Eco Lodge

Even all the way in the Western region digital nomads are covered. Imagine waking up with the sounds of the sea, do some yoga before having breakfast and then start working until late lunch. When your work is done you take a surf board and catch some waves. Then some time to relax, and watch the sunset. Have fun with your new friends, or with the dogs. Life could be worse.

Ahanta also has dinner dishes and snacks. The staff will make you feel at home, and we haven’t talk about the decorated rooms yet. It’s really a small paradise.

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