About Ghana

Ghana is a West African country, inbetween Ivory Coast (west), Togo (east) and Burkina Faso (north). In the south you will find the coast with the Gulf of Guinea. The country is very peacefull and the people are welcoming. So the perfect country for you next holiday destination.

Travelling in Ghana is easy, but takes a lot of time. That is why we have our own minibus and driver. We will start in Ghana’s capital city, where we will all arrive by airplaine. From lot’s of European cities (Amsterdam, Paris, London, Lisbon) you can take a direct flight to Ghana. From there we will discover the diversity in Ghana. You can’t describe Ghana’s nature in one word. We will see beaches, mountains and savannah. For the whole itinerary check this document (including a discount code).

In July/August it is 28 degrees, which is a perfect travel temperature. In the north there will be rain season, in the south dry season. The heath in Ghana is probably different from the heath in your own country. Before travelling to Ghana you need to get a Yellow Fever vaccin. Without prove you have the vaccin, you are not allowed to enter the country. Beside this vaccin we recommend to get malaria prophylaxis pills to reduce the chance you get malaria. Also bring mosquito repellent with you, as well as long trousers and shirts to wear in the evening. Discuss other vaccins and medicine you might need with your doctor.

For entering Ghana, you need a visa. It depends on your country how to get it, so inform yourself well. If you need any invitation letter or references let us know. Also know that visa costs are not included our fare.