Meet Shani, our northern Ghana tour guide

What is your favourite part/highlight of Ghana and why?

My favourite part of Ghana is the Northern part. Is my favourite because the life here in the northern is totally different from the southern part. Because is very open and you feel it very nature and they people are more nicer friendly and they can help you even if they don’t know you. You can get to see their way of life here . Get to interact with the people and where you can see a lot of domestic animals everywhere and likely to ride together with animals in a car or truck . And also the northern part of Ghana is not busy but quite compare to the southern Ghana . You can also get to visit places in the northern Ghana like the Mole National Park where you will see lot of different animals like Elephants and more . You can also see few places with whiled animals in the northern part of Ghana . You can get to see how they may their local dish and more .

What is your favourite food from Ghana?

My favourite food in Ghana is fufu. And that is fufu with tomatoes soup from the northern Ghana but not from the southern Ghana. Because in the southern Ghana they use plantain the cassava and is every starchy and the northern Ghana is only with yam mostly which is less starchy.

Why does everyone has to come to Ghana?

Everyone has to come to Ghana because is a beautiful country and the most peaceful country in west Africa. And there is a lot of nice places you can see and nice things to do. Ghana is also a very historical country. They people are nice lovely and they will always welcome you till you leave . And they will also try to show you love and kind .
So you should come to Ghana to experience this yourself.