Travel advice calls

How safe is Ghana? What if I get sick? What do I have to bring? Where can I find the best waves for surfing? How do I book a hotel? How does public transportation work? Do I need a visa? What can I eat as a vegetarian? How do I find the best flights?

Do you have questions like this? We can help you in a travel advice call. How does it work?

Step 1: You apply for a call

Step 2: You let us know what you want to know

Step 3: Depending on what you want to know, we will connect you to one of us

Step 4: You make an appointment together (Skype or Whatsapp video call)

Step 5: You have the call

Step 6: We will come back to you with questions we couldn’t answer immediately

Step 7: You go to Ghana and have the time of your life!

If you don’t have specific questions, but want a back up once you are in Ghana you can also order our Whatsapp helpline.