Work with me – Instagram

The first time I came to Ghana was in 2013. Since then I have been to Ghana eleven times, and I have been to most of the popular tourist attractions. I traveled the whole country, and have slept in many hotels, have ate in countless restaurants and took a lot of tours. To find new places I use Instagram as my main source, and it’s time to help you attract guests with your Instagram account.

Nowadays many travelers use Instagram as a tour guide book. You can easily search for hash tags and locations tags or follow accounts that write about their travel experiences. Because of my own experiences as a traveler, talking about social media with other travelers and working in guesthouses as a marketing assistant I found the way to attract your perfect guest with Instagram.

I can help you from scratch with your Instagram account, or take you further if you already started but want more. My strategic to attract your perfect guest is not a quick fix. If you think I can help you from 0 to 10.000 followers overnight, you have to choose another expert. Instagram is all about engagement, and it will take time to grow your following. BUT your following will increase with people who are you perfect guest. There is no sense in having 10.000 followers if none of them will ever stay with you.

So I will teach you how to be yourself on Instagram. Show your potential guests the person behind the brand. It’s scary, I know, but so worth it. I am doing the same with my personal Instagram account @jennyfah.child. People think they know me because I am so open on Instagram. And that makes them buying my e-books, booking my tours and visiting the places I visit.

Why work with me?

  • I run a personal Instagram account with 4.000 niche followers
  • I run business Instagram accounts with in total over 1.000 followers (English and Dutch)
  • As a traveler I know what travelers are looking for
  • I will guide you through the whole Instagram process, no matter what your starting point is
  • I will be your biggest cheerleader!

Are you ready to start your Instagram adventure with me? Check out my services, or send me an email for more information. Also reach out to me if you need a WordPress website, you can update yourself.