IG course: Ghana for beginners


Going to Ghana soon? This course is all you need! Super easy to follow, you only need an Instagram account. In 7 days I tell you all the ins and out you have to know, and of course you can ask me whatever you want.

After payment you send @ghanaforbeginners a follow request on Instagram, so I can add you to the account (please make sure you fill in your IG name during the check out). Questions? jennifer@theghanatraveller.com or IG @jennyfah.child

Dates: 4 March to 10 March 1019

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Are you going to Ghana soon and do you have lots of questions? In this Instagram course I tell you all the things you have to know. I will talk about safety, health, how to use the transportation, how to find hotels, how to behave and many more. This comes from my own experiences as a Ghana traveller since 2013. During the course you can ask me any question you want, interact with other travellers and maybe even make travel plans together.

How does it work? After paying for the course, you send a follow request to @ghanaforbeginners on Instagram. Please make sure you left you Instagram name in the checkout field, so I know that you paid. Then you have access to the account. Everyday we will talk about a different theme, through stories and posts. On day 7 there will be a live stream, and I will answer all the questions you still have. You can follow the course whenever you want. Stories will be saved in highlights until 10 April 2019.

Dates: 4 March to 10 March 2019

See you in Ghana (or at first in the course)!