Travel itinerary with booking help – min. 8 days


Do you need help with booking your trip to Ghana? No worries, we will write a travel itinerary for you. After receiving your order we will get in contact with you in at least three days, so we can go through all the details.

This offer is for people who don’t like to worry during traveling. We will give you a travel itinerary, and we will book the hotels/activities/cars/etc for you. Book in advance (preferably a month before departure) so we are sure there is space for you. After you accepted the itinerary we will start booking the hotels/etc, if there is no space for you you don’t get a refund. We will do our very best to come with a good replacement.

Read more about the benefits of this offer below.

Book this service for trips minimum of eight days.


During your trip you can ask us as many questions as you want. Were you supposed to take the bus but you missed the last one? No worries, we will find you a new option. Please note that extra costs are your responsibility, of course we will try to help you with something budget.

This offer is perfect for traveler who like adventures but also need someone as a back up. We will be in touch during your stay (if you like so!). You will traveling solo, but we are always in your pocket.

If you have booked this offer, but after seeing your travel itinerary decide to include a guide too book a customized tour  let us know you have booked this offer before. We will reduce the total fare of the customized tour with 200€.