Accra: the best city to start your journey in Ghana

So you decided to travel in Ghana, but you don’t know where to start? Why not starting in Accra, the capital. We will tell you why.

You probably enter the country by airplane, so you will be in Accra anyway. Kotoka International Airport has just opened a new terminal for international flights. It looks super modern, there is free wifi, it is clean and everything goes much faster then in the old terminal. You can easily take a taxi or Uber to your hotel (in case you don’t have a pick up) from outside the airport. Please be aware Uber has to buy a ticket to enter the parking, so you might have to pay for that ticket (10GHS) on top of your fare.

It is super easy to find some good hotels in Accra. If you are a budget traveller, we recommend you to read our ebook with our best spots in the whole of the country. If you like more luxerery you can check for example Holiday Inn, Mövenpick or Labadi Beach Hotel. Also Airbnb is working very well in Accra.

Accra is the perfect place to acclimate. The first days you might want to change some money, buy some travel essentials as soap (no, you don’t have to bring this from home) and get used to the spicy food. Accra’s beaches are not the best in Ghana, but you can check out Tawala beach or the beaches around. Luckily the nightlife in Accra is pretty cool. From parties on the street, to karaoke evenings to fancy parties with dress codes. You can find it here. Also Accra has a lot of sightseeing such as the Indenpende Square, Oxford Street, Jamestown, Kwame Nkrumah mausoleum and Osu Castle. To see most of them, we recommend to do Accra’s only cycle tour.

After a few days in Accra, you might want to escape the city. And we understand that. With about 1,5 million people the city can be super crowdy. Especially when you go to places like Makola Market, the biggest open air market in the city. Accra is not a city for silence and relaxing, but it is super easy to find you way to other places. From the busstations you can find your way to Wli (Volta region), Koforidua (Eastern Region), Kumasi, Tamale and Cape Coast. There is probably a bus to everywhere in Ghana. And for the fast travellers you can even take a domestic flight from Kotoka again.

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See you in Ghana!