4 times: beaches in Central Region

Ghana has a large coast full of beautiful beaches. In general you can’t really use them for sunbathing, because the beaches are crowdy by other activities. Don’t be suprised if you see a couple of fishersmen bring their fish on land, or if you see women buying the fish to sell it on the market. Beaches are also popular by people who love to do sports activities, and of course for swimming and surfing at some place.

Winneba beach

Inbetween Accra and Cape Coast you will find Winneba. A coastal town, known for the university. Beside that there is an amazing, mostly clean beach. The waves can be a bit dangerous, so people have built a natural swimming pool. There are a few restaurants on the beach, but Winneba is not really discovered by tourists yet. So if you are looking for a silent and relaxing atmosphere, this is beach is the beach. Be aware sometimes the students give parties on the beach, mostly on weekends but the beach is so wide that you will find your silent spot.

Da Breeze, Cape Coast

You might have heard of the beaches beside the Castle, but did you know there is another beach in Cape Coast? You can find Da Breeze on your way to Elmina (that road with the palmtrees and the sea view, that is everyone’s favourite), it is about 8 cedi by taxi from the Castle. Da Breeze has space right on the beach, as well on a terrace and under the veranda. You can have a drink here, while watching the sunset or dancing until the sun comes up when students throw a party here.

Brenu Beach

If you are a bit tired of the popular beaches in Cape Coast, you can easily escape to Brenu Beach for an afternoon chilling session. There is a resort with a simple, but absolutely tasty menu. Brenu is a large beach, so hopefully you are ready for a long walk. After walking you can rest a bit in one of the hammocks before going back home.


One of the towns after Elmina, is Ampenyi. There are many beach resorts here, which is not suprising because the beach is breathtaking. Also here the waves can be dangerous, so only swim at the area where it is allowed. One of the reasons that makes this beach so special, is because it is possible to spot some turtles here.

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